I live in Tofino and have been surfing for most of my life. I grew up on Chestermans beach, in Tofino. I started surfing at 8 yrs of age, I have 2 brothers Francis and Sepp also one sister Catherine. We all surf and started at around the same time. I have beautiful wife Joey and 3 kids Aqua, Shea and Dusty. I travel alot to find surf and that is why i created this website, to share my travels with friends, family and others who are interested.   Raph

                My bubble head kids

Raph section from video SHRINK  by Jeremy Koreski

Raphael Bruhwiler

Height: 6’

weight: 165 lbs

Fav food: Sushi

Home: Tofino B.C

Board: 6’ x 18 3/8 x 2 1/4

Stance: Regular

fav move: Barrel riding




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